The happy tale of the cast-iron skillet

In Life on June 30, 2008 by Queue

Before we were married, the boy and I bought what we thought was a decently sized cast-iron skillet.  For the first couple months, we used it with some success and really enjoyed it.  Then one day after washing it I put it on a low burner to dry, only to forget and leave it there for about 6 hours.  Needless to say, I ruined the seasoning in the center of the skillet.  Ever since we’ve had no luck using it. Everything stuck like glue to the pan, especially around the center.

Well, after a good year and a half of frying things and greasing the pan to bake it upside down, I am happy to say that I think I finally have.  This morning I made french toast and it didn’t stick!

Here’s my breakfast before the flip:

And after:

By the way – welcome to the new blog.  It’s going to need some tweaking, but I’m liking this new setup.


2 Responses to “The happy tale of the cast-iron skillet”

  1. Glad your skillet is back up to speed. I’ve linked to this post in our newest “Cast Iron Around the Web” entry over at

  2. I’m liking the new blog. BTW, cast iron skillets make great fried green tomatoes! Is the hoiehat the one you were talking about the other day that is doubled most of the way up? I want one: it’s beautiful! What yarn did you use?

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