In Life on March 25, 2010 by Queue

I’m becoming increasingly fond of the word damn.  I suppose it only makes sense, I’ve been using it since I was 18 months old.  Thanks mom!  But seriously, as far as minorly offensive low level swear words go, it’s incredibly versatile.

Well, damn.  Shut the damn door.  Dayum!  Damn, damn, damn!  There’s the instant whiny five year old: I want it now, dammit!  It can said in anger, impatience, or even glee.  Love that!

This is not the first, nor will it likely be the last, time I’ve gotten a little nerdy about language.  Welcome to my particular brand of insanity.  Admission is free.

You’re damn right! (or for you Asbury kids: You’re Dan Straight!)


One Response to “Thought”

  1. Well damn, I like this post!

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