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In Apartment Stuff on July 2, 2009 by Queue

I’m not a fan. But I am learning new things about myself: I have too much stuff, when that stuff is rearranged and packed in boxes I lose the ability to track my relative position in time and space along with my ability to produce logical thoughts, also when packing I tend to forget to eat. But we’re chugging along smartly and should be done soon.



This could be very exciting!

In Apartment Stuff on October 25, 2007 by Queue

We’re going to look at an apartment tomorrow – 2 bedroom, central air, washer/dryer hookup, deck, what sounds like a better kitchen, a cute little neighborhood, water view and a small dock, and a PLACE TO PARK TWO CARS!! It sounds ideal – but tomorrow will be the test. If we like it, and we can have it, we may very well move.

Is it sad that the parking is more exciting than the water or the possibility of having a washer and dryer?

I would like to thank the academy, Curly, and Craigslist!


A visit

In Apartment Stuff,Family Tales,Life on October 18, 2006 by Queue

The boy’s parents are spending a few days with us this week. We just hung out this morning, as all of us were feeling restful. They got in pretty late last night, and they were not happy because some of their luggage hadn’t made it here with them. We got that today, so now all is well.

Tomorrow I think we’re going out to lunch, and then I’m going to show them around the station. Then later we’re going down to take the boy some dinner, and have a mini tailgate party down at the shop.

It took us a little work to get the apartment back in to “company” shape, but it’s nice to be all neatened up now. Hopefully, I’ll have good tales to relate after the visit.


I have a desk again!!!!!

In Apartment Stuff on October 16, 2006 by Queue

We were so productive this weekend, it was great! We cleaned out the second bedroom, and claimed the desks that my grandmother had wanted to give us. No more big scary project looming over our heads, and now there’s a place for the boy’s folks to sleep when the come tomorrow night. Ah, motivation.

I’m so happy to have a desk again!!!