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Bree – defender of the stash

In Du jour,Knitting,Life,Observations on July 16, 2010 by Queue

For any of you out there who may be wondering about alternative methods for deterring moths around your wool – I highly recommend a puppy. No, seriously.

A moth (not likely the dangerous kind, for one it was a bit too big) just landed on my knee.  We see a lot more bugs in this apartment than we did in the last one (probably because I count an ant infestation as one single bug), perils of being out in the country.  I’ll trade more bugs for the semi’s that used to rattle our walls, any day!

Anyway – the moth didn’t stay long on my knee, and shortly made it’s fatal error – it flew across the puppy’s line of sight.  That was it – it was toast.  She pursued it through the apartment with the single-minded focus of a zealot.  First paws, then teeth, and finally (I believe) she ate it.  A few more of those and she will have totally made up for the times she’s tried to eat my yarn!



What are we coming to??

In Du jour on December 17, 2009 by Queue

I got an odd phone call today. A gentleman called from a Kentucky dealership to which I had taken my truck, George, back in 2005 when my windows suddenly wouldn’t roll up. He wanted to know if I wanted to trade in George for a newer model. When I told him that I had only had her for five years and wasn’t ready to part with her just yet, he suggested that I must be the drive-it-into-the-ground type.

Seriously? When did five years and less than 60,000 miles become a long time to own a car?

He was otherwise very polite, so I don’t think he was crazy or mean. Just horribly mislead by his industry and society as a whole.

But wow. I don’t think I deserve any kind of award for intending to keep a reliable and easy to maintain truck for at least ten years, lord willing and the creek don’t rise. Am I off base here?


Quote Du Jour

In Du jour on September 21, 2007 by Queue

“We don’t need no stinky badgers!”

Points if you can guess how the conversation got there.