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Bree – defender of the stash

In Du jour,Knitting,Life,Observations on July 16, 2010 by Queue

For any of you out there who may be wondering about alternative methods for deterring moths around your wool – I highly recommend a puppy. No, seriously.

A moth (not likely the dangerous kind, for one it was a bit too big) just landed on my knee.  We see a lot more bugs in this apartment than we did in the last one (probably because I count an ant infestation as one single bug), perils of being out in the country.  I’ll trade more bugs for the semi’s that used to rattle our walls, any day!

Anyway – the moth didn’t stay long on my knee, and shortly made it’s fatal error – it flew across the puppy’s line of sight.  That was it – it was toast.  She pursued it through the apartment with the single-minded focus of a zealot.  First paws, then teeth, and finally (I believe) she ate it.  A few more of those and she will have totally made up for the times she’s tried to eat my yarn!




In Observations on February 22, 2008 by Queue

I should begin an adventure in posting more often . . . but seriously.

I need to get some photo’s taken so I can show the fun stuff I’ve been up to, but the light in the apartment has been abysmal, what with winter and all and there being a good bit of rainy days. And I need to take some process shots of things, which is hard to remember to do when you’re in the throws of actually doing it.

But beyond that I was having a thought the other day as to this whole adventure thing, and I was feeling a bit ungrateful for some of the “everyday” things I’d been taking for granted. Shame on me. I guess it’s amazing what you can get used to, if you let yourself.

For instance, we haven’t bought bread in over a year. It used to be that I made bread as often as I thought I had time, and when we ran out or I couldn’t keep up with consumption, I bought a loaf. I seem to have settled into a pattern where I can keep up just fine.

Strange thoughts I have at 2am . . .



In Observations on September 7, 2007 by Queue

A large portion of the people around here go out of their way to avoid crosswalks.

2% Greek style yogurt is quite possibly the greatest edible substance ever.

Especially if you have some raw honey on hand to mix into it.

When we find a house, it needs to have a place for me to hang my hammock.

I really need to figure out a regular routine . . . or else I forget things.

A good audio book is far better than the radio.

A good pair of shoes is worth its weight in gold.

Compressed pine cat litter is a beautiful thing.

Dried mangoes . . . bet you can’t eat just one piece.

There’s something satisfying about working with dough.



In Observations on October 29, 2006 by Queue

“The most important thing about a person is what that person thinks when they think about God.” A.W. Tozer

We often speak of the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament, as if to say that they are separate beings. In our minds we juggle the concepts as they battle each other. We struggle to blend the image that the Old Testament portrays with the image portrayed in the New Testament – Holy and Just with a dash of jealous and vengeful vs. a loving Father who made the greatest sacrifice to save us. Who wins?

I know I tend to lean towards the Old Testament God when things are going well, figuring he’s going to “get me” soon, like some sort of supernatural boogey man, and something bad will happen; I hope for the New Testament God when times are tougher, that he would come love on me.

But really – there’s only one God! The 1001 rules God is the love and grace God. It almost doesn’t make sense, but the thing of it is, it’s true. There is only one God and He’s never changed.

Now hold on just a second! How can that work? How can He be the one God and be the same “yesterday, today, and tomorrow?”

The answer lies in the fact that God does not exist in a vacuum: He created us so He could love someone – not something, like I love warm socks, but someone. And by loving someone he’s created a relationship, and relationships are dynamic.

God is our father, and like a father’s love must take different forms as a child grows and matures, God’s dealings with us have changed as we grew more mature, and in order to cause us to mature.

With a toddler, you spend your every waking hour (it would seem) saying “No.” I think of the 10 commandments and some of the subsequent laws as a long list of No’s. As the child gets a little older they start applying this – imposing their own No’s on others, even their parents. Hence the Pharisees and the Saducees and all the regulations added in our attempt to use what we thought was the right way to live.

But at some point a parent needs to break that cycle and show the child grace and a little trust, both because the child is maturing and ready to understand and to push the child to further mature. This is where we are in the New Testament and beyond – God is now the father of a teenager/young adult – we screw up a lot, but we’re beyond the spanking stage. Now he must love us until we learn the ways of that love.

It’s not God who has changed, it’s us. But we’re still in that teenager/young adult stage – we’re conflicted and we only accept things in parts. We still try to impose regulations where we shouldn’t; we go too far in love sometimes and allow ourselves to do things we shouldn’t. We get angry and sullen when we’re frustrated. We try to do damage to ourselves. We try to fix some of our problems on our own, so we won’t have to own up to them. We’re on the cusp of beginning maturity, we’re complicated, and we’re loved.

And we think that we are the only constant in the equation, but we are constantly changing – He’s always been the same.